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/ Pre-Installed DirectAdmin for BladeVPS



Forget command line interfaces or memory consuming GUI's. Configuring your server has become obsolete with the new pre-install of DirectAdmin. This package installs and configures CentOS 6 and DirectAdmin completely by itself.

The DirectAdmin installation optimizes your BladeVPS for domain and hosting management. Handling all your websites, databases and e-mail boxes is made easy with DirectAdmin.

DirectAdmin and CentOS are available in the Controlpanel as a pre-installed OS. The service includes free updates and is available for €5,- per month.

Complete the following steps to acquire a BladeVPS with DirectAdmin:

  • Order a BladeVPS
  • Choose OS installation in the left screen menu
  • Choose the Pre-Installed OS that has DirectAdmin as Extra's
  • You will receive the DirectAdmin login details after which everything is set to go

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