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Windows Server 2008 RS for BladeVPS PureSSD


TransIP BladeVPS grows more versatile by the day. Windows Server 2008 R2 can from now on be installed on your BladeVPS.

Use your Windows VPS as a Remote Desktop and always have your files and configurations at hand. You can use your Windows VPS to host heavy .NET websites or to develop and test your own applications. With Windows Server added, BladeVPS has become a platform of limitless possibilities.

You can find more information about Windows VPS on our product page.

Excited about Windows VPS and ready to order one? Follow these steps and you will own a BladeVPS with Windows Server in just a few minutes:

  • Order a BladeVPS L or XL.
  • Log in to the Controlpanel and navigate to the 'VPS' tab.
  • Choose 'OS installations' and pick the desired Windows Server edition.
  • The Windows Server installation is initiated.

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