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/ New: Blade VPS Pro by TransIP



Built on our reliable Bladeserver Platform, TransIP now introduces Blade VPS Pro. With Pro you get the same fast & reliable servers as with our regular packages, only more powerful.

Blade VPS Pro is ideal for commercial use, especially for Small and Medium Businesses. Host huge websites, large databases and many other high-end applications on your Blade VPS Pro. It can handle almost everything.

Three new packages are introduced:

  • BladeVPS Pro M: 8GB, 4 cores, 10.000GB Traffic, 300GB harddisk
  • BladeVPS Pro L: 16GB, 6 cores, 20.000GB Traffic, 500GB harddisk
  • BladeVPS Pro XL: 32GB, 6 cores, 30.000GB Traffic, 1000GB harddisk


Prices start from €75,- per month. Start using Enterprise Class virtual private servers today!

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