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/ BladeVPS: Improved Speed & Stability



TransIP has rearranged its entire VPS platform. The networking structure and virtualisation techniques are build up from scratch, with an improved focus on speed and stability.

We are proud of the result: BladeVPS, besides having countless updates, tweaks and innovations we offer a 99.99% uptime guarantee.

Previously ordered VPS servers will remain as such, but will be converted to the Blade platform. The allowed data traffic will be upgraded to the same level as BladeVPS. 

BladeVPS gives you the full freedom of choosing your own Operating System. The Controlpanel gives you total control over your VPS. We even have a new HTML5 VNC client for console access.

The performance of our new BladeVPS is guaranteed to impress you. The hard disk space and data traffic limit have been extensively expanded. You can already own a BladeVPS starting at €7,50 a month.

For all prices and specifications, check out our information page:

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