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From now on TransIP customers will be able to use the newly integrated Internal Pull function. TransIP already stimulates the exchange of domains via Internal Push. This feature enables TransIP customers to push domains to other TransIP customers.

Internal Pull allows TransIP customers to pull a domain away from other TransIP customers. The entire process takes place in realtime; no red tape, no paperwork, completely automated. Internal Pull has been heavily tested and secured. More importantly, the pull can only be completed if the current owner has given a valid authorization code to the new owner.

Internal pull can be used via our website, or during the ordering process.

  • The registrant details of a domain remain unchanged when using Internal Pull.
  • Other services which are linked to the domain, like forwarding and web hosting, will also be handed over to the new owner.
  • You can find more information on Internal Pull on our Helpdesk pages.

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