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/ 400.000 domains signed with DNSSEC



The past few days TransIP has been working hard to prepare the largest batch of DNSSEC signed domains ever seen. With already over 250.000 domains signed we are well on our way to sign a total of 400.000! By doing so, TransIP has instantly become the largest DNSSEC provider in the world.

DNSSEC is a security extension for DNS and uses public key cryptography to create a chain of trust. With DNSSEC internet safety is assured from the root zone to the end user. The supported domains are .com, .net, .eu, .nl, .de and .be. All domains are signed automatically and the great part is, DNSSEC is completely free! 

Not yet a customer? To celebrate the launch of DNSSEC we are currently offering .com domains for only €6,99 and .net domains for an amazing price of €4,75.

Order your secure domain today!

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