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Pay in advance for at least a year

Hi, I am very happy with your services, but I only use minimal option with minimal load, so no big demands, but everything is stable, neat and useful.

Anyways I keep having late payments, since this is only thing I pay via paypal. Recently I could not use credit card I have especially for paying online and it took me a while before making another one active.

If I had a option to pay in advance for a year and not deal with invoice every month it would certainly make my piece of mind greater.

When I think what's good on paying month by month its that you can check where user would overreach network limits or something else and pay that extra in first invoice possible. Maybe for users who have a good history on not overreaching anything there could be a exception.

Thanks for considering this.

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Matthijs van Beek Admin September 30, 2019 (#3567)

We indeed want to offer the possibility to pay per year instead of per month. In order to be able to offer this option in the future (as well as several others), we are currently working on an extensive overhaul of our backend systems.

We can't guarantee this will be finished in 2019 though and once the overhaul is finished will be the point at which we can start working on the yearly billing feature. As such we can't guarantee a timeframe, but estimate it won't be released before Q1 or Q2 2020.

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