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What services can be used in multiple availability zones?

Some of the services we provide offer you the option of choosing in which availability zone (AMS0 or RTM0) you want them to be delivered or are supplied redundantly in both availability zones. Below is an overview:


Services that offer you the option to choose in which availability zone they are delivered:


* Big Storage: you can only mount the Big Storage on a VPS in the same availability zone.

* Creating clones of a VPS allows you to choose between both locations.


Services that are provided redundantly (i.e. in both availability zones) (i.e., have load balancers in both availability zones):

* Private networks

* HA-IP and HA-IP Pro.: Please note that this applies to HA-IP's from June 6th 2018 and more recent. Older HA-IP's don't use both availability zones as they use different IP's. We recommend cancelling the old HA-IP and ordering a new one.


Future plans:

Of course we want to be able to offer as many services as a redundant solution as possible. In the future, we also want this to offer this redundantly for our web hosting and mail services (both email from web hosting packages and the VPS mail service). At this moment we cannot give a release date for this yet.

Off-site backups are currently being placed in the cogent datacenter. This will be phased out in the long term and off-site backups (such as Big Storage) will always be made in a TransIP availability zone where the service itself (in this example Big Storage) will not be hosted. This requires necessary adjustments in our systems as well, which means that we cannot yet give a release date yet.


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