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What is your white label service?

We offer the option to use a white label service for domain registrations.

This service can be requested via the ‘Standard domain settings' -> 'SIDN White Label' option after the button Domain & Hosting. You have the option to use the service on the white label page.

If you are using the SIDN white label service, you can register domains using our second SIDN membership. When doing so, a neutral name will appear in the WHOIS information instead of 'TransIP BV'. You may also use neutral name servers, which you may use for all your domain registrations.

Note that this only applies to .NL domains. You can still use this service for other domains, but it will only display the Whitelabel nameservers.

As soon as you have access to the white label service you can also transfer your current .NL domains to our white label service by selecting the 'Add to white label’ option for the relevant domain name in domain management.

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