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Attaching Big Storage to a FreeNAS VPS

In this tutorial, we describe how to add Big Storage as a storage partition to FreeNAS on your VPS. The tutorial assumes that you have NOT yet linked Big Storage to your VPS.


Step 1

Connect your Big Storage to your VPS in the control panel. Go to 'BladeVPS', followed by the name of your Big Storage > 'Attach to VPS'


Step 2

Now click 'Reboot' in the FreeNAS web interface.

freenas big storage attaching


Step 3

After the reboot, log in to the FreeNAS web interface as the root user using your set password.


Step 4

Click the 'Storage' tab at the top and choose 'ZFS Volume Manager'.

Behind 'Volume Name', enter the desired name for the new partition.

Click ‘+’ under 'Available disks' and start creating the partition via 'Add Volume'.



Step 5

After the disappearance of the loading screen, your Big Storage is successfully linked to FreeNAS and you can start filling up your available space.

freenas big storage


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