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Statistics of web hosting packages

When you've created a website using one of our web hosting packages, you can view your website's statistics in the TransIP control panel.

This article shows you how to find the statistics and how to read them.

Head over to the tab 'Domains & Hosting' inside your control panel. Now click on the cog wheel next to 'Your website', followed by 'Statistics'.

Click on 'Statistics'

On this page you can view the statistics of your website. An example of how these statistics look like, can be viewed below.

example of website statistics

These statistics are created using Webalizer,  a tool that visualizes the traffic of your website. The colors in the bar charts and the table below are explained below.


The 'Hits' show the amount of executed requests made to the server in the indicated time frame.


The 'Files' show the total amount of 'Hits' that actually sends new data to your visitors. Take note: not all 'Hits' send new data to visitors.

For instance, a 404 page will not be regarded as a 'Hit', as it doesn't send data.

Additionally, pages that have been viewed within a certain time frame will be saved in the browser cache of visitors. When these pages are requested once more in that time frame, the browser will display the page from the cache. This also does not count as a new 'Hits'.

Tip: By looking at the difference between 'Hits' and 'Files', you can make a rough estimation of the repeated visits to (a part of) your website. The larger the difference between the two, the more recurring visits a page has.


This statistic show the amount of full pages requested by visitors. This does not show the statistics of seperate parts of a page (like images, video or audio clips). These statistics are mostly used to count 'Page views', which are pages that end with .htm, .html, .cgi or .php.

Visits (Yellow)

The 'Visits' show when an external website has made a request to one of the 'Pages' on your website. As long as the same website makes a new request in a given time frame, it will keep being counted as one 'Visit' .

When the external website makes a request to your website and the time since last 'Visit'  was longer than the 'timeout period' (usually 30 minutes), then this will be regarded as a new 'Visit' . Because only 'Pages' will trigger a 'Visit' , external websites that request images or other non-pages, will not be counted as a 'Visit' .


The sites show the amount of unique IP-adressess and hostnames that made a request to the web server of your web hosting package. This is only usable to make a rough estimation of the amount of visits your website received.

It's possible that a lot of traffic is coming from one IP address or numerous different IP addresses. In the first case, 'Sites' will show a lower value than what might actually be the case.


A KByte (KB) is equal to 1024 bytes (1 Kilobyte). This statistic is used to show how much data is being transfered between the web server of your web hosting package and the visitors of your website. This statistic is based on data which is present in the server logs.

These statistics show the general traffic to and from your website. If you wish to view more detailed information, we recommend using Google Analytics on your website.

This article showed you how to view and read the statistics of your website as provided in your control panel.

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