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Configuring your email address with the Mail app for macOS

This article explains how to configure your email address at TransIP in the Mail app for macOS.

Haven't created an email address yet? Get started right away with our Web Hosting and Email Only services. Read the article 'Creating a new email address' for more information.

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Configuring your email address in the Mail app for macOS

Step 1

When opening the Mail app for the first time, you will be asked to configure your email address (see Step 2).

If you've already configured another email address before, click on 'Mail' in the top left and click 'Add account'.

Add account

Step 2

Choose the option 'Other Mail account' and click 'Continue'.

Choose other Mail account

Step 3

Fill out the required information of your email address in the next window.

  • Name: Enter the name you want to send emails with.
  • Email Address: Enter your email address.
  • Password: Enter the password of your email address.

Can't remember your password? Use the steps in the article 'Changing the password of your email address' to set a new one.

After entering your information, click 'Sign in'.

fill out your information

Take note: You may be asked to enter additional information after clicking 'Sign in'. See Step 4 if that's the case.

Step 4

To verify your email account, enter the information of the incoming and outgoing email server.

  • Account type: IMAP
  • Incoming Mail Server:
  • Outgoing Mail Server:

In our example we're using the IMAP protocol to set up the email account. This protocol is widely used as it leaves a copy of an email on the email server. This allows you to set up and use your email address in different email clients simultaneously.

The other option is the somewhat outdated POP3 protocol. When using POP3, email will be downloaded directly from the mail server, without leaving a copy. Although some email clients allow you to leave a copy on the mail server when using POP3, this protocol mostly forces you to use one email client.

Read the article 'The difference between IMAP and POP3' for more information.

If you still want to set up your email account using the POP3 protocol, use the POP3 settings supplied in the article 'The email settings at TransIP'.

Click 'Sign in'.

additional information

The Username is your email address. When left to 'Automatic' as in the example, your email address will be entered automatically.

Step 5

As the final step, choose which apps you want to use with your email account and click 'Done'. 

select which apps to use

The configuration of your email address in the Mail for macOS is now complete!

In this article we explained how to set up your email address at TransIP in the Mail app for macOS.

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