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I want to transfer my HA-IP to another account

You can easily transfer a HA-IP from one TransIP account to another by means of a so called "internal handover". Please note that discounts (e.g. from a promotional campaign) are not transferable.

You can use the following steps to perform this internal handover:

HA-IP handover

  • Log in to the control panel of the account that currently owns the VPS.
  • Click on the tab "BladeVPS" at the top of the screen.
  • Select the VPS you want to handover to a different account.
  • Select the cogwheel on the right hand side of the interface and select "Handover".
  • Enter the TransIP account name you wish to transfer the VPS to and press "Handover".

To finalize the transfer the handover still has to be accepted from the new account. You can do this as followed:

  • Log in to control panel of the receiving account.
  • Select the account-name of the account on the top right-side of the interface.
  • Select "My Account"
  • Select "Transfers"
  • Select the H-number which lists the VPS that is being transferred.
  • Select "Accept"

Please note: After approving the handover the HA-IP will automatically be reset. It will be detached from the VPS it was attached to and the default settings for TCP port forwarding will be enabled. The current PTR-record will remain intact.

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