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Why do I get the message 'Command failed; Could not find enough contact information'?

The error 'Command failed; Could not find enough contact information' indicates that no e-mail address is found in the WHOIS data for the other party to which the confirmation message can be sent. This could either indicate a downtime of the WHOIS server or simply the fact that this information is never provided by the other party.

If you receive this message, you could verify at the current provider if the WHOIS data is publicly available and if so, if the e-mail address is correct. After this the transfer can be resubmitted via the control panel.

If the WHOIS-information at the external party is visible, this might indicate a temporary downtime of the WHOIS data server. You can submit the transfer again at a later time.

If a solution is still not at hand, you can contact our support department by sending a ticket. Please also include in your ticket what you have already done to solve the problem.

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