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Insufficient databases when installing WordPress

When using a Web Hosting package on your domain name, you can easily install WordPress to start your own website.

Use the article 'Installing WordPress on a web hosting package' to learn how to install WordPress on your Web Hosting package with the click of a button.

In order to install WordPress, you will need at least one free database to work with. The database for WordPress will be automatically created during the installation process. The amount of available databases depends on the type of Web Hosting package you're using.

  • Web Hosting Core: 1 database
  • Web Hosting Pro: 100 databases
  • Web Hosting Max: Unlimited databases

If all available databses of your Web Hosting package are already in use, the following error message will show when trying to install WordPress.

insufficient databases

In order to solve this, you will need to delete an existing database or add more free databases by upgrading your Web Hosting package.

Delete a database

You can find an overview of your databases inside your control panel. In here, you can see how many databases are currently in use.

Step 1

Visit your control panel and head over to the tab 'Domains & Hosting'. Select your domain name on the left hand side (don't check the box). Now click on the cog wheel next to 'Your website' and select 'Databases'.

Click on databases

Step 2

On the next page you will find an overview of your databases. In our example you can see we've used all available databases. This means we are not able to install WordPress, as we need at least one available database.

Manage your database

We're not actively using the database from our example, which means we can delete it. To do so, click on the 'X' next to the database. Once the database has been deleted, you will be able to install WordPress on your Web Hosting package.

Take note: If you've created a database yourself, make sure it's not in use so you can safely delete it. If you accidentally delete a databse that you're actively using, it may cause your website to become unavailable.

Upgrade your Web Hosting package

If you've used up all your existing databases, but would rather not delete a database, we recommend upgrading your Web Hosting package to a larger Web Hosting package.

After upgrading your Web Hosting package and thus having access to more databases, you will be able to install WordPress on your Web Hosting package.

In this article we explained how to install WordPress when all your available databases are in use.

If you have any questions regarding this article, please contact our support team. You can reach them using the 'Contact us' button below or via the 'Contact' button inside your control panel.

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