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What values should I enter for a cron job?

When using a cron job, you can indicate precisely when a job should be performed. Five different variables are available for this purpose, i.e. minute, hour, day, month and day of the week.

The job you have set up will be performed automatically if the variables set up are the same as the current time.

The accepted values are:
0-590-231-311-120-7 (0 or 7 for Sunday)

Each different field can be specified in different ways:

Number only
For example, 2 in the hour field to perform the job between 2 and 3 a.m. only.

Number series
For example, 9-17 in the hour field to perform the job during office hours only.

By entering * (an asterisk) the time will always match.

By entering */5 in the minute field, for instance, the job can be performed every five minutes.

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