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How will the new ICANN Transfer Policy affect me?

ICANN, the organisation behind all gTLD's will apply the new Transfer Policy starting 1 December 2016. This is an important change regarding the way owner and contactchanges are updated for your domains. The new rules only apply to gTLD's such as .com, .net and .info.
Starting 1 December, both the old and new owner will have to give approval for the owner change. After this a mandatory ‘’transfer-lock’’ will be applied to the domain for 60 days. During this period, the domain can not be transferred.


When will this new policy apply?


This will apply when you initiate an ownerchange for your domain. This includes changing the email address of the domain or changing the owner name. Your domain will be affected when changing one or more of the following:

  • Name
  • Organisation
  • E-mail-address


Changes to other contact details such as your administrative or technical contact will have no consequences and will be processed immediately.



How does an this ownerchange work at TransIP?


For registrations of gTLD's we work together with our registrationpartner: Key-Systems. Through them, we act as registrar and registrant also known as "Designated agent". This means it is not necessary to confirm the ownerchange by e-mail. We practically process the requested ownerchange for you.

  • You can change your domain contact details by clicking "Manage contact details" in your control panel.
  • After clicking "Save", permission will be asked to issue this request as a certified agent (if it is a gTLD).
  • After this, the Transfer-lock will be activated on the domain. You can still do ownerchanges, but the domain will be unable to transfer to another party for a period of 60 days.
  • When the change has been completed, both the new and old owner will receive a notifcation mail from This is purely to inform you of the status. No more action is required on your end.

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