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I want to create an SPF record for my domain name

A frequently used application of a TXT record is the so called 'SPF'-record. SPF stands for Sender Policy Frame and is used by for instance Google and Microsoft (Gmail / Hotmail / Outlook) to check if the sending mail server is allowed to send e-mails on behalf of a domain name.

Example of an SPF record

Example of an SPF record

The value of the above-mentioned example is as followed: v=spf1 ~all.

The different components of the SPF record have the following meaning:

  • v=spf1: This means that SPF version 1 is used.
  • Everything that TransIP considers legitimate, is also legitimate for the (sub)domain name that makes use of this SPF record.
  • ~all: This part shows that e-mails will be allowed wether they correspond with the variables in the record or not. The e-mails will get marked down though.

For more information about the various components of SPF records and a tool to create your own SPF record, please visit this website.

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