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I want to transfer my .fr domain to TransIP

With most TLD's, such as .nl, a transfer works with an 'authorisation code', sometimes also called a 'token' or 'transfer code'. There are also a number of TLD's that have different procedures. For the TLD .fr there is a special transfer procedure as well.

The procedure for transferring a .fr domain is as follows:

  • Enter the domain name in our domainchecker and click on 'Check'
  • You will see the results and a blue tab 'Transfer' above the results.
  • Click 'Choose' on the right side of the domain name that you wish to transfer, then click 'Continue' at the bottom right.
  • Choose whether you want to order a webhostingpackage with the domain name or whether you want to proceed without web hosting.
  • If you wish to change the WHOIS data or nameservers of the domain name, then you can do this by clicking on 'Edit WHOIS and nameservers' at the top right.
  • Check your order in the Order Summary and if everything is correct you can click on 'Order'.


The transfer of the domain name will become visible in your control panel. It now depends on your current provider how long the transfer will take:


  • If your current provider confirms the transfer within 8 days, the transfer will be processed immediately.
  • If your current provider denies the transfer within 8 days, the domainname will not be transferred yet. The transfer period will instead be lengthened to 22 days before the domain is transferred.
  • If your current provider does not approve or deny the transfer within 8 days, the domain name will be transferred after 8 days.


Be aware:


  • After a domain name has been succesfully transferred, it can take up to a maximum of 24 hours before the new DNS settings of your transferred domain name are processed by all nameservers on the internet.

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