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I want to order a DirectAdmin lifetime license

With a DirectAdmin lifetime license you only pay a fixed amount once. After a successful purchase you can then freely use this license on our network. The license is limited to 1 VPS at a time, but you can always have use change the licensed server and (re)install DirectAdmin as often as you like.

To order a DirectAdmin lifetime license you need to send us a message via Contact in your control panel. Please include the following information:

  • External IP-address of the VPS.
  • The hostname of the VPS (for example ''). Please note: this always needs to be a sub domain.
  • The current operating system including version (also see DirectAdmin: supported OS versions).
  • Company name (when ordering this license for your company).

You will also need to give explicit permission for the one time costs of € 59,- excl VAT (€71,39 incl VAT).

Please note! It is only possible to order a DirectAdmin lifetime license for a VPS that has NO active DirectAdmin licenses. The means that:

  • You need to cancel a trial license for this IP if you have previously activated one at DirectAdmin.
  • You can't 'upgrade' from one of our pre-installed images of DirectAdmin (with a monthly fee).


Should you want to a lifetime license instead of a current monthly license, you will first need to (re)install just a bare OS (please make a back-up of all the current relevant data first) before we can create a lifetime license.


More informatie about DirectAdmin can be found on our website or on the website of DirectAdmin itself.

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