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Attaching Big Storage to a FreeBSD VPS

With Big Storage, you have the possibility to add an extra disk with considerable storage capacity to your VPS. This is useful, for example, for storing data such as media or backups. Follow the steps below to order a Big Storage and use it on your VPS with a (Free) BSD-based operating system. A separate manual is available for Windows Server and Linux. If you already own a Big Storage that you want to use for this, you start with 'Configuring Big Storage'

Ordering Big Storage


Step 1

Go to the 'BladeVPS' tab in your control panel.


Step 2

Scroll down to 'Order extras' and click 'Order' behind 'Extra storage, up to 40TB’.

 cp vps extra big storage


Step 3

Choose the size of the drive and whether you want to use offsite backups for your Big Storage drive. When you're done, click 'Continue' and continue the ordering process.

transip order big storage

Please note! It can always take a while before the new drive is visible and linked.


Step 4

After completing the order, you will return to the overview page. You will now see 'Big Storage X TB' in the VPS console. You can manage your Big Storage by clicking on the gear behind it.

cp vps big storage attached

Configuring Big Storage

Follow the steps below as a user with root privileges.


Step 1

Execute the following code before and after linking the Big Storage to your server.

sysctl kern.disks

After connecting the Big Storage drive, a new vtbdX has been added. This is the Big Storage drive. Replace X with the letter or number of your Big Storage drive (in this example 1) in the commands that contain vtbdX.


Step 2

PLEASE NOTE: Step 2 overwrites existing partitions and file systems. ONLY do this if the drive has been wiped or has not yet been partitioned. Go to step 3 if you are linking Big Storage to another server or if you have reinstalled your BladeVPS.

Run the following commands to partition the disk and set up a filesystem.

gpart create -s GPT vtbdX
gpart add -t freebsd-ufs vtbdX
newfs -U /dev/vtbdXp1


Step 3

Now mount the Big Storage drive. Perform the following commands in succession:

mkdir /mnt/bigstorage
echo "/dev/vtbdXp1 /mnt/bigstorage ufs rw 0 0" | sudo tee -a /etc/fstab
mount /mnt/bigstorage
df -h | grep bigstroage


Step 4

Finally, you test whether you can write to the Big Storage drive:

touch /mnt/bigstorage/testfile && rm /mnt/bigstorage/testfile

If you do not see an error message when executing the above command, you have successfully connected the Big Storage drive to your VPS.


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