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How long does it take to restore an (automatic) back-up for my VPS?

When you restore an automatic back-up on your BladeVPS, please realize that it will cause the VPS to be unreachable for a while. This is due to the fact that the complete data has to be retrieved from the external back-up server before the VPS can start again with this data.

Hoe long does this take exactly?
This is completely depending on the total amount of data that has to be restored on the VPS. The data of a completely new BladeVPS X1 can be restored in minutes, but a BladeVPS X64 which is using the full 1TB of storage can take up to several hours. On average a restore will take 30 to 60 minutes before being completed.

vps backup progressbar In the control panel a 'progress bar' will also appear when restoring a back-up. This will show the progression on a regular interval, but it could be so (especially for smaller back-ups) that the percentages have rather large leaps.

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