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Do you offer 'managed' support for BladeVPS?

Our VPS services are completely 'selfmanaged'. This entails that we only offer the infrastructure and the OS for your VPS, but that the management of the server is always under your own control. One of the core values TransIP has is 'self-sufficiency' and offering 'managed' services does not really fit that value.

Next to that offering 'managed' services would also have a large impact on our support capacity. Because of these reasons we do not offer SLA's (Service Level Agreements) in which additional managed support can be bought, as some competitors do offer.

Of course we are more than willing to supply with advice in case of questions or problems, but we will never perform any actions on the VPS / OS itself. Should a networking or hardware failure arise, we will of course directly take measures to resolve these issues.

Our daughter company Proserve does offer managed VPS services. If you're looking specifically for managed VPS services, we recommend contacting Proserve instead.

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