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Can I transfer or use an IP address from one BladeVPS on another?

Every BladeVPS comes with an IPv4-address with which your server can be reached by the Internet. This amount can always be increased to a maximum of 10 IPv4-addresses or 20 in case of a VPS in the Pro-series. of course there could always come a moment in which you would like to setup a new VPS but want to use an IP-address of the 'older' VPS. For example when you have a lot of DNS settings pointing to that IP or when you want to use this IP on a different VPS operating as a firewall.

Is this transfer possible?
We are sorry to say this is currently technically not possible on our platform. Our network infrastructure is setup in such a way that an IP-address is always configured on 1 VPS and can not be used on another. We are however working on a new network setup in which 'floating IP's' do become a possibility.

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