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I want to increase the size of my mailbox

If you're running out of mailbox space, you'll risk not receiving emails once the mailbox is full. You can solve this by removing emails from your mailbox or by increasing the size of your mailbox via your control panel.

In this article we explain how to manage your mailbox when using our web hosting packages for email.

Removing emails from your mailbox

You can remove emails by logging in to the webmail at, using your email address and the corresponding password.

On the right side of the Inbox page you can sort your emails by size. This way you can quickly review which messages you can remove to free up the most storage space. Keep in mind that all folders count towards the limit, including the 'Deleted items' folder.

Increase the size of your mailbox

You can also choose to increase the size of your mailbox by logging in to your control panel. From here, go to the tab 'Domains & Hosting' and select your domain name on the left hand side (don't check the box).

Scroll down to 'Manage your email' and click on 'Mailboxes'. Now click on the email address that you want to increase the size of.

Change the size of the mailbox next to 'Assigned size'. You can see how much storage space is left on your web hosting package just below of the field.

In this manner you don't have to remove any emails and can immediately receive new emails. If you don't have any more storage space, be sure to check if you can reduce the size of a different emailbox.

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