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Can I use subdomains for web hosting purposes?

With our Web Hosting packages you have the option to create subdomains. In this article we will explain how to create subdomains and how to use them.


Step 1

Log on to your Control Panel and go to 'Domain & Hosting'. Select the domain on the left hand side (don't check the box). Next, click on 'Manage your website'.

Select your domain name and click on 'Manage your website'


Step 2

Click on the cog wheel 'Advanced' in the top right corner. Next, click on 'Subdomains'.

Click on 'Advanced' and go to 'Subdomains'


Step 3

Here you will be able to create a new subdomain within your Web Hosting package by clicking on '+ Create subdomain'.

Create your subdomain


Managing your subdomain via SFTP

You will now be able to add files to this subdomain using SFTP. Go back to 'Manage your website' and click on 'SFTP File Management'. After creating your new subdomain, a new folder for this subdomain will be created within the folder 'Subdomains'.

Files you place within this folder will become visible when visiting the subdomain.



In order for the subdomain to work, the DNS records of your domain name should include a record for this subdomain. The default TransIP DNS settings will already have a Wildcard record ( * ) present. This record ensures that each subdomain that is not already specifically configured points to the value of the wildcard record.

This means that when you use the default TransIP DNS settings, the subdomain you've created by using this article will automatically be reachable.

You can edit, add and remove DNS records by going back to 'Domain & Hosting. Select the domain name on the left hand side once more and scroll down to 'Advanced domain settings' > 'DNS'.

If you're not using the default TransIP DNS settings, you can use the following DNS record to configure your subdomain:

  • Name: subdomain
  • Type: CNAME
  • Value: @

This record points the subdomain to the same location of the 'root' record.

It is possible your root domain name points to an external hosting location. If you wish to build a new website on your Web Hosting package, but do not want the website on your root domain name to go offline just yet, you can create the website on a subdomain on let's say

In that case you will have to create a DNS record for the subdomain, which points directly to your Web Hosting package:

  • Name: dev
  • Type: A
  • Value: IP-address of your Web Hosting package


That way you will be able to build a website using the subdomain and see the progress by visiting the subdomain. When you're ready to replace the old website on the root domain with the new website on the subdomain, you can transfer the files on the subdomain to your root domain via SFTP. Don't forget to point your root record to the IP-address of your Web Hosting package via DNS afterwards.

The record for pointing your root domain to your Web Hosting package will look like this:

  • Name: @
  • Type: A
  • Value: IP-address of your Web Hosting package


The IP-addresses you need are sent to you via e-mail after ordering a Web Hosting Package.

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