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What is the difference between a snapshot and a backup?

All our BladeVPS services come with automatically made "backups" of your data. These back-ups are created every 4 to 6 hours with a maximum retention of 36 to 54 hours (you have 9 different back-ups available). When you accidentally remove an important file or there is some other reason you could use a backup, you can restore a backup via the control panel (BladeVPS > select your BladeVPS > Back-ups > Restore).

What is the difference between a snapshot and a backup?
Basically both a backup as a snapshot are a 'ZFS Snapshot' (the system / technology we use for creating snapshots). The main difference is however that the 'back-ups' are fully automatic and are being made every 4 to 6 hours, but get removed after a certain period of time. These backups are very handy to use on a short term when something goes wrong on the VPS you didn't count on. If you however when to have a greater retention, or you want a planned backup (because you are running an update or installing a new service on your VPS) then a snapshot is the better choice. Next to that, snapshots can be installed on another VPS while the backups can only be restored on the original VPS.

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