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How can I clone my VPS to a new VPS?

With VPS cloning it is possible to make an exact duplicate of your VPS on a new VPS (i.e. of the hardware and software). To do this, navigate to the 'BladeVPS' tab in the control panel and select the VPS which you wish to clone on the left-hand side. Then click the cogwheel on the top right side, you will get a popup menu in which you can select 'Clone'.

On the next page you will be presented with the option for ordering a new VPS, which will always need to be the same or larger than your current VPS. Select 'Clone' below the desired VPS to order the new VPS.

Depending on the size of the original VPS, it can take some time before the new, cloned VPS can be used. However, it should however be listed in the VPS overview after a few seconds.

Please note:

  • A VPS with an active 'lock' can not be cloned.
  • A VPS which uses a web control panel licence to operate (for example pre-installed images with DirectAdmin, Plesk or cPanel) can also be cloned and a new license will be added to the cloned VPS. You may have to sync the license data before the clone can use the new license.
  • Due to the required SSD disc-space, it is not possible to clone an existing VPS to a smaller VPS.
  • If you configured the IP addresses on your VPS statically, you will not be able to use the network-connectivity of the new VPS yet as it will also copy the network-configuration. Because you can not use the original IP addresses, you need to first manually alter the network-settings and configure the IP address(es), to allocate the new IP addresses and remove the existing ones from the new VPS.


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