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How do I verify my email address after registering a generic Top Level Domain (gTLD)?

In compliance with the regulations set forth by ICANN, the organization that manages the Domain Name System (DNS), validation of your email address is required. You will only have to do this once for each email address used. Email verification is required when:

  • You register a Generic Top Level Domain (such as .com, .org and .net) with an email address that has not been verified yet.
  • You make an update to your registrant details and a new email address is used.

How do I verify my email address?

  • You will receive an email from at the email address of your domain name.
  • When you click on the verification link in the email you will be automatically redirected to our website.
  • Your email address has now been verified! From now on, if you register a new domain with the same e-mail address, you will not receive the verification email again.
  • We will send the verification email to the email address of your domain. You can easily view which e-mail address is used by clicking on your domain name in the control panel.
  • It is possible that the verification email ended up in your spam box. You can easily retrieve the e-mail by searching for the subject line 'Email verification'.

Important: email verification required within 15 days.

Please note that if you do not validate your email address, your domain will be suspended by ICANN after 15 days. This means that the DNS is interrupted and the status ‘’Clienthold’’ is applied in the WHOIS-data.

We will send out 3 reminders in total to verify your email address: directly after registration, and 10 and 14 days later. As soon as you click on the verification link in the email, your domain should become available again within a few hours if it was suspended.

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