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Can I use/run any content I want on my BladeVPS?

As all our services are located in The Netherlands you are allowed to run basically any content which is allowed by Dutch law. It is prohibited though to run scripts or services which are unsafe and insecure or can easily be abused by hackers and spammers. You are responsible for securing your VPS against any abuse.

We highly recommend you to use security measures (for instance Fail2Ban / CSF / ClamAV) to keep your VPS in check and make sure all used software is up-to-date. For example this applies to Wordpress websites because the popularity of this CMS makes it a big target for new exploits.

We're frequently asked if it's allowed to mine cryptocurrency on our VPS platform. Our VPSes do not have a GPU. Because of that mining is not worth it on our platform: a VPS costs more than the coins you would mine are worth. Moreover, mining puts extraordinary stress on our shared (!) platform, endangering the performance of other users' VPS's. Due to this, mining is not allowed on our platform.

Below you will find scripts and services which can lead to immediate deactivation of your VPS:

  • Habbo-hotel 'retro''
  • Torrent trackers
  • lstmrge.cgi
  • JUMultithumb
  • Matt's FormMail
  • DT_formmail (insecure PHP formmail script)
  • All scripts that give access to a shell-prompt or enable executing server commands
  • Zen Cart



Furthermore there are services which are allowed to be run but are known to attract DDoS attacks. This forces us to take action when abuse or attacks occur. After three attacks in a short timespan we will need to permanently block your services.


Services affected are:

  • IRC or chatscripts
  • Teamspeak or other voicechat-servers
  • Minecraft servers
  • Proxy scripts like PHPproxy and Anonymizer
  • Outdated and unsafe CMS scripts like PHPnuke and phpBB


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