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How do I use webhosting back-ups?

When using our Webhosting L or XL packages you get the option of making back-ups of your site at any time you like. A back-up, which is made via your TransIP control panel, is comparable to a snapshot of your website - all files, settings and linked database(s) will be included in the back-up. This means you can revert to an earlier version of your website at any time possible.

You can make a back-up by going to the the tab 'Domain & Hosting'. Click on the domain in the left column, and go to 'Manage your site'. Choose 'Website back-ups', and follow the instructions on the screen. This is also the place where you can revert earlier made back-ups.

Depending on your webhosting package, you can save up to 5 back-ups simultaneously.

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