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What does a VPS lock do?

By locking your VPS you can protect it against actions that might have (temporary) unwanted consequences. The following actions are blocked while your VPS is locked:

  • Restart
  • Shutdown
  • Re-installing
  • Upgrading
  • Using the console
  • Adding, changing and removing a VPS from a private network
  • Removing a private network
  • Creating, removing and restoring snapshots
  • Restoring an automatic backup
  • Cancelling your VPS
  • Handing the VPS over to another account
  • Ordering and cancelling add-ons
  • Changing or setting TCP monitors
  • Changing or setting reverse DNS / PTR-records for your BladeVPS

You can always disable the lock via the slider located under the console, should you need to change something.

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