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Activating your domain for Google Apps

In this article we'll show you how to link your domain to G Suite so it can be used for Google Apps.


Step 1

Register a domain with TransIP.


Step 2

Create a Google Apps account, based on your domain. Through Google you can easily setup a Google Apps account for your domain.


Step 3

For any Google service that connects to your website, it is required to validate your domain. After login, in the first screen that you will see, click on 'Confirm that you own your domain'.



Step 4

Click 'Continue'.


Step 5

Select TransIP from the dropdownlist and click 'Continue'.

Most of the times it will be automatically detected that your domain is hosted with TransIP.


Step 6

Log in with your TransIP credentials


Step 7

Change your DNS and give Google permission to change the DNS of your domain.

Congratulations! Your DNS-settings are modified. The changes will usually become effective within a few hours .

If you are not using the TransIP nameservers, automatic activation of your domain will not be possible. Use the steps below to start using the TransIP nameservers.


Step 1

Log in to your controlepaneel, navigate to the 'Domain & Hosting' tab and click your domain name on the left.


Step 2

Scroll down to 'Advanced domain settings' > 'Nameservers'.


Step 3

Click on 'Bulkopties' > 'Copy from' > 'TransIP default nameserver settings'.

transip standaard nameservers


Step 4

Click 'Save' to start using the TransIP nameservers.

save button


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