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I've exceeded my monthly data traffic limit

Overusage of the data traffic of your VPS' Traffic Pool will be billed on your invoice. These costs are € 0,02 ex VAT (€0,0242 inc VAT) for every GB crossing the limit and will always be higher than when the limit is increased before the end of the month.

By default, we will send warnings to the account owner when reaching the 90%, 100% and 110% threshold of the Traffic Pool. You can add additional contacts for monitoring your Traffic Pool from your control panel.

When you structurally use more data traffic than allowed in your Traffic Pool, we recommend upgrading your VPS(s). You can read more information here on how to upgrade your VPS.

Should you receive an invoice with charges for data traffic over usage and you want to retroactively upgrade your VPS, please contact our support department by sending a message via the tab Contact in your Control Panel.

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