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I want to restart my VPS

You can restart your VPS (virtual private server) from your control panel and from your OS itself. There are, however, some differences that you have to take into account, which are explained below.

Restart from the control panel

In the control panel, you can click the name of your VPS under 'BladeVPS'. You will then see the VPS console with a few buttons underneath it. These buttons work the same as the physical buttons on a server/computer:

vps console

The 'Reset' button performs an immediate restart of your VPS and the 'Stop' button immediately turns off the VPS. This is not dangerous to your VPS but it isn’t 'graceful': unsaved changes are lost and programs are not properly closed. Always save your work first.

Restart from your OS

You can also restart your server from your OS. Unsaved changes are lost on Linux, but Windows occasionally provides you with the option to save changes. In both cases, programs and services are neatly closed and log files are completed before the restart is executed.

  • Windows: For Windows VPSs, you use the 'start' button followed by the 'restart' option
  • Linux: For Linux VPSs, you use the command: reboot

The best restart option

The best option is to first save your work and perform a restart from your OS. This way you will not lose data and your OS will be shut down properly. The buttons in your control panel are a last-resort option when, for example, you can no longer perform operations on your VPS due to a configuration error.


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