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I want to upload or download my website via (S)FTP

To upload multiple files and folders at the same time it's best to use an FTP client. For this you have several options, though here we use FileZilla, which can be downloaded for free. Do you use a Mac? Cyberduck or Transmit are viable alternatives.

The information you need to connect to FTP is listed in the e-mail you've received after you ordered the webhosting package. If you don't have it anymore you can find everything you need in the control panel:

  • Click on your domain (don't check it) in the ab 'Domain & Hosting'.
  • Click on 'Manage your website'.
  • Click on 'FTP Filemanagement'.
  • Click on the gears in the top right corner (Advanced), followed by 'SFTP information'.

You can also enter a new password on this page.

If the FTP program doesn't connect straight away using this information, try manually entering port 22 or 2222.

After you've logged in to FTP, you can move files to or from the webhostingpackage. On the left side you can see the files on your own computer, on the right the files on the server. You can move files back and forth by simply dragging them from one side to the other.

Do note that you can only upload files to the www folder of the webhostingpackage, this is the "root" folder for your website.

Furthermore, FTP via port 21 is no longer supported. Only SFTP can be used.

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