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Complete Controle of DNS

A long time ago we decided that we would rather have DNS under our own control and therefore TransDNS was created. Through TransDNS we decide how to manage the DNS of almost a million domain names. TransDNS has been the trustworthy backbone of our name severs.

Create your own changes

In the control panel you can easily and at any time manage all your domain names. TransDNS makes sure all your changes are processed real-time in our name servers. DNS will then spread your changes within 24 to 48 hours.

Powerful control panel


Secure with DNSSEC

TransDNS is de foundation on which  DNSSEC - a security extension on the DNS protocol - was build. With TransDNS we were one of the first domain name providers in the Netherlands to sign all registered domain names. Now we are one of the biggest DNSSEC-providers worldwide.

DNSSEC check your domain name

Do you want to know if your domain name is safely secured with DNSSEC? Test your website now via DNS VIZ.